A Successful Video Starts With a Well-Written Script.

Few things concentrate the mind more efficiently than the necessity of saying what you mean. It brings you face to face with what you are talking about, what you are actually proposing. It gets you away from the catch phrases that not merely substitute for thought but preclude it.
— Edwin Newman

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The script, arguably, is the most important “link” comprising the video production “chain”. Consider these quotes from three of the greatest filmmaker/directors of all time…

 “To make a great film you need three things – the script, the script and the script.” – Alfred Hitchcock

“There’s nothing more important in making movies than the screenplay.” – Richard Attenborough

“Scripts are what matter. If you get the foundations right and then you get the right ingredients on top, you stand a shot… but if you get those foundations wrong, then you absolutely don’t stand a shot. It’s very rare–almost never–that a good film gets made from a bad screenplay.” – Tim Bevan

Cool visuals and animations can fascinate, amuse, and inform. Catchy music and artfully employed sound effects can trigger emotions. A talented (voice) actor can make even a mediocre script sound intriguing, or funny, or important. But unless the script itself is truly well written, your odds of pulling all of these elements together in a cohesive, well-integrated whole, actually connecting with your audience, successfully communicating your message, and impacting your viewers in the right way plummet dramatically - and the whole project can wind up being a waste of time and money.

Award-winning filmmaker and author, Chad Perkins, underscores the critical importance of “story” (i.e., the script) to a successful video or film in this segment from the inLEARNING course Creating a Short Film: 02 Writing…

“Story is the foundation for every single choice by the director, actors, the photographer, wardrobe people, visual effects supervisors… Everyone!

…The power that you have in your hands when you start typing those words on that page is staggering!”

A good script is not just important. It’s foundational to making your video a success!