The Process


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the cost of a professional voice recording (such as a voiceover) could be literally thousands of dollars with turn-around time as long as several months!

Today, technology has drastically reduced both of those factors. Cost can be as low as a few hundred dollars or less. Turn around can be a matter of weeks or even days from concept to completion. Once your script is ready*, your voice talent can sometimes record and deliver an initial “take” (i.e., version) of your recording within 48 hours or less.

Of course, a good voice recording starts with a good script*, but setting that aside for a moment, a good way to begin with the recording itself is by perusing this website, listening to the demos, and, either selecting a demo sample you’d like your recording to sound like, or, ensure you are ready to accurately describe your desired voiceover style and delivery**.

Next, complete and submit a contact form and receive a complimentary, ballpark quote of projected cost and estimated turn-around time. Then, you and David can discuss your project, your objectives for the voiceover, how to maximize its impact, your desired style and delivery, and any additional details.

When you're ready to proceed, notify David and he'll send you a contract. Simply complete and return the contract along with a deposit*** (50% of total cost), giving David the green light to record, produce, and send you an initial, draft ("watermarked/safety") version of your voiceover for your review. After you have reviewed the draft version of your recording, if required, David records any needed revisions or re-takes. Once you are happy with how the recording sounds, remit your payment balance and David will deliver the final, full-quality version in your required audio file format.

It's that easy!


*  In order to ensure the success of your voice recording (and the overall production) it is highly recommended that you avail yourself of the services of a competent professional script writer!

** (See David's blog articles on this topic.)

*** Pay through PayPal.